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During the month of September, we are offering 50% off the price of your cat's wellness exam with vaccines.

Cats have been named the most popular pet in America!

However, they are taken to the vet for preventive care much less often than dogs, even though they need yearly vaccines just like dogs do. Vaccinating your pet can help to protect them from deadly diseases. In some cases, vaccinating your pet can protect you from disease as well! Cats are excellent at hiding illness and are not likely to let you know when they are suffering.

Tips for getting your cat in the carrier:

-Make the carrier a familiar place at home by leaving it out where you cat can spend time around it.

-Place treats or familiar toys in the carrier.

-Get a top-loading carrier or remove the upper half of your carrier to place your cat inside.

-Place a towel or blanket in or on the carrier to make your cat feel more secure.

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