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Did you know that mosquitoes spread heartworms to your pets through their bites?  
Heartworm infection is a very serious condition that causes damage to the heart and lungs and can be fatal.  Heartworm treatment is expensive (around $500-$1000), painful, and dangerous enough that treatment itself can be fatal. Heartworm disease is not limited to dogs and cats that spend the most time outside, either - indoor pets can contract heartworm disease from 1 mosquito bite!

Along with the American Heartworm Society, we recommend yearly heartworm testing, whether on heartworm prevention or not.  This is a great opportunity to start or continue a heartworm preventive for your pet!  Unlike heartworm disease and its treatment, heartworm preventives are not painful for your pet or your wallet, and some also offer other protective benefits against fleas and intestinal parasites.

  We have several options for heartworm preventive in our hospital:

- For cats, we have Revolution, which is a once-monthly topical preventive.  

-For dogs, we have Trifexis, which is a once-monthly chewable tablet.  We have Trifexis rebates for $10 on a 6-month supply and $25 on a 12-month supply.  We also offer ProHeart 6, which is an injection given every 6 months by the veterinarian - a great option if you have a hard time remembering to give heartworm preventive at home!

If you prefer another heartworm preventive, don't hesitate to take advantage of our online pharmacy on our website - .

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