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To help encourage this focus on feline health, we are offering a free nail trim with any feline office visit and vaccines during the month of June. Hope to see you and your cat this month! During the month of June we are focusing on our feline friends, and what we need to do to keep them happy and healthy. All cats (even strictly indoor cats) need yearly exams and vaccines. A thorough exam helps us to identify risk factors and signs of disease before they can develop into more serious issues. A good thing to remember is cats are very good at hiding signs of disease from their owners. They are quite capable of compensating for, or covering up, problems until it may be too late to try to help. Also, many feline diseases can be brought in to your cat’s environment from the outside world on your clothes and shoes. Yearly vaccinations can help prevent some of these diseases. Another aspect to general feline health care is good parasite control. We have several great products to help in the fight against creepy crawlies, but one of our favorites is Revolution. This is a once monthly topical product that kills fleas, roundworms, and ear mites, and will also prevent feline heartworm disease. That’s right - cats can get heartworm disease, too! It is less common for a cat to be infected than a dog, but in cats the disease is very difficult (and expensive) to test for, and it is 100% fatal. There actually is no treatment for the disease, so prevention is imperative.
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